A story well told

Everything starts with a great idea, but you can only make it happen if you know how to translate it into a story that lingers. What makes your idea unique and worth telling? Why should everybody hear about it, and most important how do you get everybody to share your idea for you?

You need a story people want to hear. Sure, you can learn all kinds of storytelling techniques. But a shitty story well told doesn’t do the trick. Neither does the other way around. You need both to create magic. That’s why you have to get your story straight. The more genuine it is, the bigger the chance people will listen.

The right tone of voice

My strength lies in finding your message. Whether it is a company vision, a text for a website or a profile on LinkedIn. You should be able to tell a good idea in just a few lines. The length can vary, but the message must always be clear.

In addition, it is important that you know who you want to reach. Who is your target group? And through which medium you can find him the best. An internal manifesto requires something other than a voice over for a film. I write sentences that reach the right target group.

Give me a story to tell.


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