Your company on a sheet of paper

Everything starts with an idea: a new company, an innovative product, or a mindblowing event. But an idea can be implemented in a thousand ways. The question is, what’s your way? Why do you do what you do? What is the essence of your existence?

Strategy session
Within one to five strategic sessions we turn your company inside out to come to the original idea. We look for your unique proposition: the core of your company in clear language on one sheet of paper.

A clear blueprint

Together we will work on a blueprint to guide you in making decisions. Think of a  growth strategy, a new name, a clear website, or an inspiring pitch presentation. It gives direction to your brand in both the short and long term.

Hire me for a strategy session (s):
-to make your story stick.

-if you (always) want to make the right choices.
-to achieve more financial returns.
-to be able to stay close to yourself and your beliefs.

-to reach the people you want to reach.

Yes, I want a strategy session.


Clear view from outside

As an entrepreneur you are on your way for a while, but you want to take the next step. To grow. How do you do that? You feel stuck, you need focus. Maybe a more clear proposition. Or a solid future plan.

But how can you look at yourself from a distance, if you are at the same time in the middle of it? That is not possible. That’s why I help you with a clear view from the outside. So that your idea gets a new impulse.

Hire me as a sparring partner

-for a critical view from the outside.
-to gain more structure in your brain.
-to find the core of your idea.
-to get your story clear.
-for determining concrete next steps

-if you really want to take action.

We determine our playing time and the intensity of our cooperation based on your question.

Let’s play together.


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