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What do you do?

How often do you get that question? In an introduction talk, at a network meeting or birthday? And what do you say? “Ehhh …” How great would it be if you could tell a crystal clear story at such a moment. Especially when you consider that in this time you only get a few seconds to claim someone’s attention. Or to hold it.

Every strong company or brand knows who he is and what he does. What the great idea is behind its existence. A strategy, name, logo, or tone of voice are all expressions of that same idea. That’s why I always look for that first, simply by asking the right questions.

It all starts with knowing who you are and what makes you distinctive compared to others. Cheaper or better doesn’t do the trick. The more you know what makes you “you”, the easier you get to convince people about your idea.

I help you to make your story as clear as possible. I let you look at your company or brand from a distance to find out what you believe in and what you find valuable fighting for. And I write it down in clear language so from now on you always have an brilliant answer to the most frequently asked question.

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